Customer Testimonials

- J. Tonella - WI

John took advantage of a nice fall day in late October to ride up from Missouri to pick up his new Aspen Sentry Camper.

Ron from New London, IA came up to pick up his new Aspen Sentry Camper in early December.

Brad pulls his Aspen Sentry with a Can-Am Spyder.

--B. Nicholson - WA

--George & Deb Clouse - MI

Leroy & Deb's Sentry got here on a Friday and we all left on Saturday
morning for a 'test run' into the nearby mountains to Jemez Falls, NM!

--The Heils & the Hairgroves

I installed your camper (Aspen Sentry) on the back of my 1915 Model T Ford
and traveled from New York City to Seattle, WA and then up to Anchorage, AK.
The car and camper performed flawlessly. Rather than staying in
campgrounds, we chose to find spots with no people and set up camp so we carried
everything we needed with us throughout the trip. I love the camper and we had
a great time.

--D. Hauge - NY

Here's a photo of our Aspen Classic at the EasyRider Rodeo in Fowlerville, MI.

--R. Shope - PA

These photos were taken during my trip to Alaska in August 2010. I traveled 9,760 miles over 30 days
from Michigan City, IN to and through Alaska and back. The Sentry was my home for the entire trip
and was a blessing - keeping me dry during the many days of rain in Alaska. It allowed plenty of
room for storage of gear for all weather and cooking needs and trailered the ALCAN Highway with no
problems. Other than some of the grades it was like it wasn't there!

--B. Neitzel - IN

Each year I participate in 'Run for the Wall', a motorcycle ride in honor
of our POW's and veterans that begins in California and finishes at the
Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. I participate in the southern route
which typically has over 700 motorcycles. There are probably 25 - 30
motorcycle trailers that make the ride. I've included a few pictures that
include my black Aspen Sentry.

--W. Reichard - VA

We purchased our Aspen Sentry Camper in May of 2009 and left a few weeks later for a four week
trip Fairbanks, AK on our Harley Electra-Glide. Our camper never let us down. Several nights
were spent in the rain but we stayed cozy and dry! This was our first campsite on the Alaska
Highway in British Columbia. The other picture is in front of the Harley dealer in Whitehorse,
Yukon Territory.

--Terry & Candy Fellows - MI

We purchased our Aspen Sentry in October of 2003 and have used it several times each year
on trips from Kansas to Maine and from Canada to Florida. It tows very well and has never
given us a problem. We have towed it approximately 30,000 miles and enjoy it very much.
In fact, we just talked my brother into buying an Aspen Classic. We are all looking forward
to the upcoming camping season. Keep up the good work!

--Charles and NaDene Robison - MI

Just thought I would send you some pics of my Can-Am Spyder and my new
Aspen Sentry. The trailer pulls effortlessly, the camper sets up quickly and
the craftsmanship is outstanding!

I am obviously very pleased with my purchase and look forward to many years
of enjoyment. In fact, I will be adding a hitch to my Honda FIT and plan
to use the Sentry to take my grandkids camping with me next year when they
are a bit older. Thanks again for a great product.

--C. Jakoboski - MA

Ken Holtz (NC) picked up his Aspen Sentry at this year's
Wings Over The Smokies Rally in Fletcher, NC.

Peg Petagna with the Aspen Sentry Camper on a recent trip to Gettysburg.
"Everywhere we go it attacts a lot of people with tons of questions."

--Guy & Peg Petagna - MA

On our first trip with our Aspen Sentry we found out just how easy it is to set-up. Later that day we went to town to get a bite to eat and the weather turned into a Kansas dirt storm with winds up to 50 mph. We were afraid the camper would be torn apart by the time we could get back to camp but were happy to find it all intact - just a little dirty. My husband said this has to be the best camper around to endure what it went through.

We have since made many trips with our Sentry camper behind our GoldWing and have had a lot of enjoyment with it.

--Tom & Diane Reser - Ellinwood, KS

Here are a couple of photos showing our Sentry 'on-the-road'.

We towed it around the U.S. and it became our home away from home.
After a day of riding, we could pull up to our campsite and be set up in less than 3 minutes.
Storage is not a concern - not only is there plenty of room for necessities but as we soon found out,
there was plenty of room for items we really didn't need! We even carried along 2 full size lounge chairs
which we used daily to sit back, relax and plan our next day's adventures.

--Chuck & Laura Ames - Arlington, WA

"Here are a few pictures of us on our 'Around the US' motorcycle trip this summer. We travelled just short of 14,000 miles and visited 36 states in 2-1/2 months. We had the camper loaded so full that we had to sit on it to get it closed! The BMW had its work cut out but performed flawlessly as did the Sentry trailer. While camped at Navajo Cliffs in Utah we endured 50-65 mph winds with no problem. Many people throughout the trip asked about the Sentry and an address or phone number to contact you which we happily supplied. Thank you for building such a quality product at a reasonable price. WE LOVE IT!
--John & Gwennie Kloster
Chewelah, WA

"Took a 14,000 mile trip across Canada and the US to the furthest point on the North American continent - Cape Spears, Newfoundland. Camped in all kinds of weather without any problems. This picture was taken in Yellowstone National Park." Ken Collier, AZ --Ken Collier, AZ
AMA Vintage Days in Ohio
--Lee Morris, Sedalia, MO

Ruby Martin with their new Aspen Sentry camper. "Don't even have the plates on it yet." Since picking it up, Roger & Ruby have spent 26 nights on four different trips from the Smokey Mountain National Park to Estes, CO.
--Roger & Ruby Martin, Shenandoah, IA

We attended the 25th annual J&P Cycle customer appreciation day on June 26, 2004. We left the day before to camp in the Wapsipincon State Park in Anamosa, IA. This event is well attended and the campground was full. Our Aspen Sentry was the center of attention and we shared all of the good experiences we have had with our pop-up camper. Over the 4th of July we attended the "Freedom Rally" in Algona, IA where last year we made our decision to purchase this camper.
--Ron & Carol Smith - Urbandale, IA

"I Just wanted to say we LOVE our Aspen Sentry trailer. On our first trip we traveled over 4500 miles and the trailer performed excellent. From Itasca, IL we went east across IN, OH, PA, NY to CT., north through RI, MA, NH, ME & into New Brunswick, returning home through Quebec, Ontario & MI. Every place we go people cannot believe it opens up to a camper. My friends think you should hire me as an over the road salesman. We saved a lot of money camping and the view is better too. Our trip this year was 2500 Mi. round trip to the Smokey Mountains & up The Blue Ridge Parkway. Once again no problems, even up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks for such a great product!
Next year I think we'll go west."
--Brian Mead, Illinois
"We have a wonderful time out on the road for weeks at a time. We are able to enjoy riding the motorcycles and then at night throw up the camper in just a few minutes. We haul everything we need. I never thought traveling could be so fun."
--Terry & Janet Belk, Tennesse, 'on-the-road' with their Aspen Sentry

What a great pair! The Belk brothers travel with their Aspen Campers and their wives.
Terry (right) owns an Aspen Sentry and his brother Mitchell owns an Aspen Classic.

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