Can My Car Pull Your Campers?

"We pull our Aspen Ambassador with our 2002 Ford Focus.
We're planning a 4500 mile trip this fall."
- Larry & Maggie Curtis - IN

"This is our Buick Park Avenue with our Aspen Classic Camper in Canyonlands
National Park, Utah. We travelled and camped for three weeks and had a great
time. The Buick has a 1000# towing limit and we did not even know that the
Aspen was back there. In fact, it had absolutely no effect on our gas mileage
still getting 30+ mpg. We love it!"
- Bill Barton - MT

Donald and Betty Vandre of Coosbay, Oregon pull their Aspen Sentry Camper
behind their motorcycle or their 1956 Ford Crown Victoria.
"Either one pulls it like it's not even there! In other words we love it!!!"
- Donald & Betty Vandre - OR

When Art & Emma Pemberton aren't towing their new Aspen Sentry Camper behind their
2005 Harley Davidson, you'll likely see them in their 1931 Model "A" Ford coupe with the Sentry attached.
"We love our new Sentry camp trailer. It meets all of our camping requirements and
fellow campers are always asking about it."
- Art & Emma Pemberton - CO

"My wife and I towed our Aspen Classic Camper behind our F150 from Stafford, VA to Virginia Beach
for a week of camping. Towed great! After that, we towed it to Morehead City, NC for a few days
behind our prime mover a 2008 CanAm Spyder
Thanks Aspen is the greatest!"
- Lars Warkentien - VA

"We've been out four times with our Aspen Classic and the first time over some rough roads including 18 miles up a bumpy (washboard) trail. The camper performed just like I thought it would great!

Every time we set up we get visitors. Folks are always curious as to "What the heck is that?" and "you got all that outta there?" They all get the same spiel about Trailmaster and the web address.

We really enjoy the rig and plan on several outings every year. Hoping to get out a few more times this year and then maybe take it south for our winter getaway. I can just see this rig on several beaches in southern California."
- Jim & Darlene Petty - ID

Tim & Timmy Moseley of Louisville, KY travelled to Alaska camping in their new Aspen Classic Camper pulled by a 2006 Scion XB. This car has a 1.5 liter engine and needed a lightweight trailer. The Classic pulled perfectly with this small car with an automatic transmission. Gas mileage was about 31 mpg with the trailer (about 2 mpg less than without the trailer).
"We had no problems cruising at interstate speeds could hardly tell the trailer was attached. The storage was great we filled it with camping gear and souvenirs, leaving plenty of room in the Scion for driving comfort. We included a couple of photos - one in front of your location when we picked it up and one on our Alaskan trip."
- Tim Moseley - KY

"My Aspen Classic tows like a dream behind my Honda Accord! This was taken at Galveston State Park."
- Donna Sparrowhawk - TX

"This is our Aspen Classic hitched to our Toyota Matrix and sitting in our driveway -
ready to head out for our latest trip. The other photo was taken at Sleeping Bear Dunes
in northern Michigan. I've only seen a loss of 1 mpg pulling the Aspen with our Matrix.
The Aspen has been a great investment!"
- David Reese - MI