Cargo Trailers: CM1000

Customer Testimonials

Hello to all of you from Alaska...
I picked up my CM1000 from Cycle-Mate in Minnesota - one of the best things
I ever did on one of my long rides. From Minnesota, I traveled east to Wisconsin,
down through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas
as far south as Big Bend National Park. I did manage to make it into Mexico for only a day,
then headed north through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and up through Canada
to Dawson Creek and traveled the ALCAN Highway back to my hometown of Fairbanks.

I pulled the trailer for 8,565 miles without a single problem and it was wonderful
to have along and did not really affect my gas mileage.

Thanks for a wonderful, well-built product.

Mike - Fairbanks, AK

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