Aspen Classic -- Customer Testimonials 

- B. Dusch - IL

- L. Andrzejewski - MI

- The Whittles - TN

- Mike & Sarah - Lodi, WI

- R. Russell - TN

- Dan & Mary - Coalinga, CA

- Lynn & Marilyn - Lincoln, NE

- M. Yerkey - GA

- W. Pettigrew - VA

- W. Howes - MA

- The Crawfords - KS

- The Sewells - OH

- P. Shonts - MI

- Mike - Grayslake, IL

- J. Telford - Canada

- John - Geneva, IL

- G. Allar - WI

- D. Porter - KS

- D. Crowder - KY

- D. Chaddock - MI

- Chris & Elizabeth - Racine, WI

- C. Bowser - PA

- B. Grimsey - Canada

- The Blanfords - VA

- J. Graves - KY

Cliff & Barbara Taylor, OK

Polley Bartlett, AR

Brian Ringey, MI

Eric & Margit Johnson (MN) will be towing their new Aspen Classic Camper
with their Toyota Prius.

Carl Roland, IL

Terry King, TN

Melissa & Brian from Mallard, IA picked up their new Aspen Classic Camper.
They are both involved with the annual Abate Freedom Rally in Algona, IA
and are looking forward to a comfortable stay in their new Classic while
working the Rally next year.

Dave & Misty drove all the way in from Peyton, CO to take advantage of our
Winter Sale and take delivery of the first 2013 Aspen Classic of the year
(split window design). On the way out of the area, they stopped in at the
Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet at Pheasant Run.

Another long distance pickup...
- The Stockwells of Helena, MT

Linda & Leo came up from Millstadt, IL to pick up their new Aspen Classic Camper.
"I can get dressed standing up!" was Linda's response when we popped open the camper.

Carl & Rita Smith, MN

"On the road for 3 months with our Aspen Camper - Love this rig!"
- K. McKalip - Portland, OR


'THANKSGIVING EVENING (9pm) - Peggy meets Gie Angle (left)
and Arthur Saucedo drove seventeen (17) hours from
Ft. Worth, TX to pick up their two Aspen Classic campers.

Gary was also there to drive the forklift and help 'load!'

Pavel Mokros and Mike Smith rode in from Canada to pick up their matching
Aspen Classics.
- P. Mokros & M. Smith - Canada

Had a great time camping in New England recently (Mt. Washington KOA).
- Bob Shope - PA

The Ansleys drove in from Anchorage, AK to pick up their new Aspen Classic
Camper. Back home they will also be pulling it with their BMW motorcycle.
- Rich & Cherilyn Ansley - AK

Karen and Dan from Ontario, Canada drove 1,000 miles to pick up their
second Aspen Camper. The Nolins will be pulling their new Classic with either
their Honda VTX 1800 or Toyota Echo (pictured).

Classic owners Scott & Carrol Evans (left) took a ride with their friends,
Dave & Martha Long to pick up their new Aspen Classic.

- The Evans & the Longs - IN

Glenn & Sheila Scarbrough (TX) visit our Sales Office
while picking up three (3) Aspen Classics for themselves
and two friends.

"We came to the CMA 'Colors' Rally specifically to look
at campers. Fortunately for us, another camper company
was also on display for comparison. We purchased Aspen
and went home and told our friends -- NO CONTEST! Aspen
was, without a doubt, the better choice!"

Dan & Becky Butler (OK) pick up their new Aspen Classic Camper.

We've been camping for years with our bikes and a tent. We've been to
Arizona three times going different routes, going through all of the states from
Ohio to Arizona. We've traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Natchez
Trace Parkway. Marty has put 180,000 miles on two GoldWings and I have 40,000
on my 750 Honda Shadow. Needless to say - we love to ride and camp! This
is our first year with our Aspen Classic and we love it! The quality is
great - there is more storage - everything about it is better than we thought it
would be! We used it for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and we
had a lot of visitors to our site to check out our 'RV'! Thanks for building
a quality product we will definitely recommend to others!

- Marty & Linda Gross - OH

Here are a few pics of our Aspen Classic. We absolutely LOVE our camper and can't wait to hit the road again this summer! This was taken on a trip to Seaside, Oregon last summer. The second photo shows our camper and the Syrstad's Sentry. As you can see, we used the canopy on the side for a carport for the bikes. People can't believe how much stuff we can haul in our camper and how quick it is to set up.

- Carl & Yvonne Walker - WA

We just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our first trip for the year using our Aspen Classic Camper that we enjoy so much.

- Wilson & Jennie Thomas - Utah

Customer Ralph Nauman designed his own canopy for his Aspen Classic. The canopy runs the length of the camper (13' x 9'), takes up very little space to carry along, sets up easily and works great in the hot sun or rain (even held up well when tested in a thunderstorm).

Ralph has been enjoying his Classic for over three years and has pulled it over 15,000 miles a year camping in much of the western US and British Columbia. He pulls it with his Honda Valkyrie with sidecar (pictured) or behind his PT Cruiser.

- R. Nauman - ID

I just enjoy my Aspen Classic so much that I wanted to send you a few
pictures. Thanks for a great product.

- J. Gestwicki - MI

The Eastons of Lancaster, PA had us extend the tongue on their Aspen Classic
to accommodate a bicycle rack. Now they can enjoy riding their bikes
once they get to the campground.

- D. Easton, PA

Connie Colf (center waving) along with her brother-in-law Jim (left) and a friend picked up her new Aspen Classic Camper with chrome lightbar, Continental Kit and custom painted to match her 2006 Honda Cabernet Red Metallic Trike.

- C. Colf, MI

My wife, Santana and I bought an Aspen Classic in the spring of 2004 and have used it every summer for the last five years. We tow it behind our two motorcycles when we travel. Our bikes are both 2002 Honda Goldwings; Santana's has been converted to a trike.

The first summer we had it we towed it from our home in southeast Washington state to Grapevine, TX. In 2005, it accompanied us to Fairbanks, AK. During that trip we were on the road for 22 days and it rained on us 19 of those days. We slept in our Aspen Classic every night we were on the road. Our Classic stayed dry inside and always provided us with a comfortable place to sleep.

In 2006 and 2007 we didn't take any major trips but used it camping around our home state of Washington as often as we could.

In 2008 we towed it from home to North Carolina, then followed the eastern seaboard south all the way down to Key West, FL. From Key West we went around the gulf coast and then crossed the southern states west back to Bakersfield, CA where we turned north and ended up in British Columbia, Canada before returning home. Our Aspen Classic followed us all the way out and back.

Over the last five years we have experienced all weather imagineable including rain, high winds, heat & freezing temperatures and our Aspen has stood up to everything. We have towed our Aspen Classic over 50,000 miles through Deal's Gap, over miles of gravel roads in Canada and Alaska and all over the lower 48 states with no complaints. It is always ready to go at a moment's notice and is simply one of the best purchases we have ever made! Thank you for building such a quality product.

- Tom & Santana Denny, WA

Our 2008 GL1800 with Roadsmith Trike Kit and Aspen Classic Camper
took first place in the Tour/Cruising Class at 'CMA in the Park' in Crane, MO
(Sept 2008).

- Bob & Harriett Myer - MO

We picked up our new Aspen Classic at Wings Over The Smokies on Saturday evening. It is a very easy camper to set up and almost as easy to take it down. The storage space underneath is easily accessible from the 'non road side' so if one should need to access the compartment on the side of the road, they would be a little safer by being out of the direct line of traffic - and the storage space is HUGE!

The trailer handled very nicely on our trip from Fletcher, NC back home to Alabama and followed 'true' at highway speeds as well as on the back roads.

We are extremely happy with our Classic and looking forward to many happy camping days with it in the future. At the price of hotel rooms these days, it won't take us long to more than pay for the camper.

- H. Burney - AL

Jerry Hall (VA) and Dick DeAngelo (FL) were just two of our customers who picked up their Aspen Classics at this year's Wings Over The Smokies Rally.

A few of our Aspen Camper customers at this year's Davis Rally in New Hampton, IA.

A few of our Aspen Camper customers were spotted around the Region D Rally campground!

GWRRA Region D Rally - Tiffin, OH

Just a note to tell you that the wife LOVES IT! She thought it would be too rough camping again but she has fallen in love with the Classic. We are really enjoying camping again and it was unbelievable how much we got in it. We also had a 10 x 20 tent and a 10 x 10 screen canopy in the bottom with all of the usual stuff.

Thanks very much for being there that Saturday morning so that I didn't have to take any time off of work to pick the camper up. You build a very good product and I hope you have many more years making them for people to enjoy.

And yes - all that came out of our Aspen Classic!

- John & Mary Rostorfer - IN

Just got back from Sturgis with our Aspen Classic.
Had a great time and the camper worked flawlessly.
I've put over 6000 miles on the bike so far this summer
pulling our Aspen.

- M. Slocum - MI

The ultimate in gas-saving technology... Arnold Faerber averaged 60 mpg when he recently drove his Toyota Prius from Richmond, CA to our Wood Dale, Illinois location to pick up his Aspen Classic. He planned a leisurely two week return trip - camping all the way home.

- A. Faerber - CA

'Skip' Close (who had never traveled beyond Denver, CO) took a
"once-in-a-lifetime" trip with his Aspen Classic as he rode from California to Illinois
(to pick up his camper) and then on to Americade for their 25th Anniversary!

- A. Close - CA

Here are a few pix of our latest trip. This is our second trip around the country and even did some of Canada this time. We again took our Aspen Classics and couldn't be happier. We have an estimated minimum of 18,000 miles with our campers now and I'm sure we'll do plenty more in the future.

We have amazed people with these campers at the campgrounds with the towing size, sleeping area and storage size and we have recommended them to everyone we talk to - from motorcycles heading to Sturgis to people on vacation with small cars and jeeps.

- The Fields, The Sandersons, The Woodcocks & The Raubenstrauchs - PA

After picking up their new Aspen Classic Camper at Wing Ding in Billings, MT
the Ellis' encountered 'a little rain!'
- W. Ellis - WA

The Jeskes added some custom graphics to their Aspen Classic to match their blue GL1800.
- N. Jeske - MI

The DeGroots picking up their new Aspen Classic Camper.
- W. DeGroot - MI

You think you get looks on the road...
Luc Lacasse pulls his Aspen Classic Camper with a T-Rex!
- L. Lacasse - Canada

Clyde Mason and his Aspen Classic at the top of Beartooth Pass.
- Clyde Mason - FL

We picked up Harry's camper on February 28th and went on to Lake Geneva, WI and got caught in a blizzard. Harry probably has the only Aspen Camper that has been out in the middle of Lake Geneva as we drove out onto the frozen lake.

We picked up Kerry's camper on April 14th - not so cold. We headed for downtown Chicago and drove down Michigan Avenue with Aspen in tow - maybe another first!

So far we've gone camping at DeSoto State Park near Ft. Payne, AL and Cloudland Canyon State Park near Trenton, GA with many more trips planned.

- Kerry Wilson & Harry Dennis - AL

We have a little over 3000 miles on our Aspen Classic so far and have had some wonderful times - even in the rain at Rally in the Valley in Roanoke, VA last fall. This photo was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Smoky Mountain Park and Asheville, NC.
- Gerald & Beverly Berner - New Jersey

In the first six months of buying our Aspen, we have traveled over 11,000 miles. We've taken it to Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks of NC, Orlando, FL and we just returned from the Black Hills of South Dakota. We have stayed very cozy in the winds of the Outer Banks, insect free from all of the mosquitoes of Florida and completely dry from the evening spring thunderstorms of South Dakota. No matter where we go the interest in our camper is unbelievable. We have met more people in our camping trips because of the camper than we have ever met in any of our trips before we bought our Aspen. It pulls great, sets up in minutes and has as much storage as you could possibly ever need.

Thanks again for everything.
- Dennis & Linda Hargan, NC

It's been almost a year since we took delivery of our Aspen Classic in a raging snowstorm and we've had a ball with it. We do most of our camping in state parks.
We've been to Parvin and Spruce Run in NJ, and Hills Creek, Tobyhanna and Ricketts Glen in PA. Everywhere we go people ask about the camper. The camper tows great behind our Taurus. You don't even know it's there. There's plenty of room for clothes and gear for a week, the bed is comfortable and set-up is really a cinch. You have a great product that does exactly what I wanted we're very pleased with it.
- The Tobins - PA

A few of our customers have designed their own spare tire carriers. Here's one by Rusty Crist of Washington.

We bought our 1989 Goldwing 6 years ago with 19,000 miles on it and started out with a 19 cubic ft. cargo trailer and tent camping.
After a back injury forced us off the ground 2 years ago, we started shopping for a pop-up for comfort and more cargo room.
After shopping around for about a year, we saw two Aspen campers set-up at the Southern Illinois Ride-In
and my father-in-law and I were hooked. We ordered black with a blue cover and my father-in-law got white with a black cover.

The bike now has 76,000 miles on it and we've camped out 7 times so far this year and going again this weekend.
This picture was taken at Dixon Spring State Park in Illinois.
- Jim & Pam Lloyd Waterloo, IL
November 2004

Rich & Deb Field of Erie, PA on their cross-country trip.

The Sandersons of Erie, PA on their cross-country trip.

The Raubenstrauchs, Sandersons, Fields and Woodcocks of the Erie, PA area covered nearly 7,000 miles
on a cross-country trip,and all but one couple travel with an Aspen Camper.
Upon returning, the Woodcocks traded in their (other brand) camper for a new Aspen Classic.

We purchased our camper in July 2003 to pull behind our 1989 GoldWing and we really love it. People at the campgrounds always come around and talk to us about the camper and are amazed at the size of it when set-up.
- Reggie & Mary Moors - Bangor, Maine

Ron & Donna Raubenstrauch from Erie, PA travelling in Crescent City, California with their
Aspen Classic Camper

We're going on our second season with our Aspen Classic and are loving everything about it. No matter where we go, it always attracts a crowd of people who are amazed with it. It tows like a dream! We wouldn't change a thing... except for the two interior dome lights and the ceiling fan we added. Thanks for a GREAT camper. - Jeff Deziel & Deb Morehouse Massachusetts

We started our trip with the Classic camper in Georgia and covered 16 states and 5700 miles. We camped 23 nights in 18 different parks. The Classic's large storage space made this trip a real pleasure. We're ready to go again!
- Barry Crim (GA)

Mitch Belk (GA)

We take an annual trip to Canada for a month at a time and use the Classic constantly. It is very rare if we 'motel it', as the camper provides most everything that we need. My wife and I are really impressed with this camper. It is a breeze to pull and we are always amazed at how easy and fast it sets up. We used to pull a cargo trailer and averaged 35 mpg. Pulling the Classic on our month-long trip saw an average of 34 mpg. Needless to say, we are very happy with everything about this camper.
- Mark & Leona Allen (CA)

Mitch Moser (center) and Kevin Sommers receive delivery of their matching Aspen 'Classics' Aspen and 'Classic' sales have increased considerably over last year thanks to the SUV and compact car markets.

  Road conditions are usually the only reason many of our customers don't arrive on two wheels– certainly not the temperature... 28 degree (above photo) -- 98 degree (below photo).

Feature by feature - Aspen Classic's engineering excellence put this leading camper in the sales spotlight at the Minneapolis Motorcycle Show.
Jeff and Annie Schneider The Beahans Mike and Julie Swecker
"We saw the competition and went with yours!.." - Mike & Julie Swecker, Charles Beahan, and Jeff & Annie Schneider whose orders (along with 24 additional Classic orders) were processed in just two days at the show.

Pop-Up Camping is Now Possible for Small Car Owners!

Ken and Kathy Cobb pull their Aspen Classic behind their Mazda Miata!
"My wife Kathy and I have longed to travel for many years but didn't have the time
or money for it. Many months before I retired...we started a serious search for
something we could travel with. Purchasing a compact trailer has been affordable
and the best way to go. We are looking forward to many weeks of traveling
and we are very glad to have purchased a trailer that suits our needs while
driving across country and camping."
- Ken A. Cobb (with wife Kathy near their home in Divide, Colorado)

Father & Son (Ted &Danny Sergent) picked up two Classics from the plant on a crisp winter afternoon. One camped was hauled and the other 'pulled' back to Michigan.

It was a job, but the Curees managed to squeeze a Classic into the back of their 'capped' pickup truck for the return trip to Kentucky (wheels & tongue off!)

"All the supplies that we normally take when we tent camp-- we just threw them in the cargo space and still had room for more extras! We've added A/C, a 13" color TV, a DVD player, an electric heater, a 3 tier folding rack for accessories, and rope lights for lighting. For holidays, we have party lights and extras that go around the canopy."
- Jim Lloyd
Jim and Pam Lloyd of Waterloo, Illinois bought an Aspen Classic to pull behind their 1989 Honda Goldwing and Pam's 1995 Geo Tracker soft-top.

Larry Moller, IL Larry Moller, IL
Larry Moller (Illinois): "You can tell everyone  
that wind gusts in Nebraska hit our camp site one afternoon... the camper took it fine -- but the bike blew over!"

Heading home from 2003 Sturgis, MI rally.
Bob Ore, Illinois

Our new Aspen Classic traveling South
on Route 61 along Lake Superior at the
Cascade River Falls in Minnesota.
Martin Hall, Missouri

We have had the Classic on many trips, consequently we are really enjoying this camping season. The camper pulls great and is really fast and easy to set-up.
- Michael Phillips (TX)

We just wanted to let you know that if we knew it was going to be so much fun camping with this camper, we would have made the purchase much sooner. Now we take a small tv, chairs, tv trays and Rubbermaid stack drawers. In the Fall when the nights start getting chilly, we even throw in the electric blanket. Thanks again for the Classic and making biking a lot more fun.
- Dennis & Kaye Atkinson (MT)

In two seasons, my wife and I have towed our Classic over 6000 miles behind our Harley. It tows great and holds all of the gear that we could ever want to bring with! We love the comfort that we now have— versus when we once hauled a tent around; we now have MUCH more room and a much better bed. The camper sells itself. A friend of ours was so impressed with our Classic that he too purchased one— and thinks of it as highly as we do.
- Tom & Jeanie Comparet (IN)

Thanksgiving weekend, 19 degree weather--
Dave & Bonnie Feist arrive from Iowa to pick up
their new 'Classic'.

February weather at the plant was EXTREMELY brisk.
but customers still arrived for their camper!

More camper deliveries More Alpine deliveries

Just a few of the camper deliveries from the plant on a Saturday morning.

A typical morning will see several campers
sitting in the plant lot waiting for customers to arrive.

"Can I pick-up directly from the factory?"

Of course! Though most of our trailers are shipped overseas
and all over the country on a daily basis, we have many customers
driving in to the factory to pick up their Aspen Camper.

Three members of a Valkyrie Club
drive in for their campers.

Marc Sanderson, Rich Field, Don Groves and Ron Raubenstrauch make run to the plant during late Winter to pick up their four new Aspen 'Classic' campers.

Two new customers leave the plant parking lot with their Aspen Classic!

Just a few of the Aspen Classics spotted in the campground at "Wing Ding"!

Two more couples leave the grounds of Wing Ding with their new Aspen Classics!

Here are a few photos of a spare tire mount that
I designed and made for my Aspen Classic.
It helps reduce tongue weight, which I like a lot--
and permits more cargo space (if I'm going to carry
a spare tire!)

Mark Bridge (OH)

George Smith from Roseville, Michigan (left), also got into
the act with his own version of a spare tire mount.
George's Brother-In-Law (with family) also poses for the
Camera with spare mount on THEIR Aspen Classic.

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new camper.
 I pulled the trailer to Midland, MI in July and was impressed at how fast and easy it was to set-up at the end of the day. I had it set up and a hot meal prepared by the time my two riding partners got their gear off their bike and set up. I normally get up an hour before them to start packing and was always the last one loaded and ready to ride, but not this time. For the first time in ten years of travelling together, I felt good knowing that they didn't have to wait for me to finish packing.
 I received the window awning set and was impressed at how easily they went on and how well they work."
- Jim Hecht, Nebraska (Photo not available)

"I rode out to the plant and bought a new Aspen Classic in August and have pulled it about 3000 miles and slept in it 4 nights so far (as of August 20). Riding various speeds from 60 to 75 mph my mileage varied from one low tank of 27 to 33.6 for a high. Surprisingly, that is about what I got with my cargo trailer too. The camper pulls nicely, can't say you don't know it is there but it doesn't seem to be much different than either of the two cargo trailers I have. It has a lot of storage and sets up and stores away easily. I am very happy with it! I started looking at camper trailers about 6 years ago and looked at every one I came across in campgrounds, rallies, etc., and finally decided that was the one I wanted." Roy Colman, Minnesota (Photo not available)

"A friend of mine is doing me a favor..."
...he's saving me a trip to the plant by making the pick up for me--
...he'll be using his own truck.

(Editor's note: in all the years of business, we thought we saw
every type of tow vehicle leave our parking lot--
but this one was definitely worth a photo!)

"We just pulled our Aspen Classic another 5200 miles. This makes 9000 miles since June." Glenn Spain, Illinois (Photo not Available)

"I owned a Bunkhouse. Now with the Aspen Classic, I can take all the cargo from my 'packed' Bunkhouse and still have room for a port-o-potty and my guitar."

If you believe there's a better
'Lightweight' than Aspen-
please let us know. We would enjoy
pointing out the differences!